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The Perfect Diet for Cancer Patients

One of the deadly diseases that have become the root cause of so many deaths all over the world is cancer. Although there is no effective cure for cancer, still scientists claim that conventional treatment procedure like chemotherapy or radiation can kill cancer cells up to a great extent.

However, the conventional treatment for cancer is very costly and many people are not able to afford it. Thus, they look out for an alternative way to treat cancer. An alternative treatment for cancer patients have evolved and it is known as Ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet for cancer patients is considered to be the perfect diet for those who are looking forward to kill the cancer cells. Ketogenic diet is a form of diet that consists of high amount of fat, protein and low amount of carbohydrate in it. This form of diet is designed in order to deprive the cancer cells of its required amount of carbs. When cancer cell is deprived of its fuel or energy, it gets weakened and it gets killed.

Diet Related to Cancer

If you or your loved one is being treated for cancer, it is important to have a proper diet. A proper diet can help cancer patients to get the essential nutrients. This is because you might have notices that our ancestors didn’t suffered from such deadly diseases as their diet was fully nutritious.

However, nowadays, many people follow a diet plan which is influenced by the Western culture. Diet full of sugar and carbohydrate is the root cause of cancer growth in the body. The cancer cells feeds on sugar or glucose for their expansion. But a Ketogenic diet for cancer patients can kill the cancer cells.

Why Ketogenic Diet Is a Perfect Diet?

Many people wonder why Ketogenic diet is considered to be the perfect diet for cancer patients. Well, the reason behind it is very simple. Cancer cells simply love glucose and in order to survive and ferment they need to depend on glucose. Usually, carbohydrate gets transformed into glucose. When the amount of carbohydrate gets reduced the glucose levsl also drops. When there is inadequate amount of glucose in the body, healthy cells can easily turn to burning fats. But cancer cells being inflexible can’t depend on other sources. Thus, with the unavailability of glucose they starve and die gradually.

Cancer cells have defective mitochondria and metabolism of energy leads to the production of harmful reactive oxygen species. In order to kill the species, glucose is needed. But, with the unavailability of glucose, the cancer cells get killed instead.

Even though the calorie and protein requirement of a person may vary, but before resorting to a Ketogenic diet, it is very important to consult a physician. Based on your health condition, they can suggest the amount of protein you may need to take in order to kill the cancer cells, yet keep you healthy.

If any person is suffering from cancer, you can look forward to Ketogenic diet for cancer patients. Disregarding the stage of cancer, Ketigenic diet when combined with conventional treatment, can easily weaken the cancer cells and kill it.